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The Walkmen - Four Provinces

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Текст песниI’ll see you tonight at Sophia’s place
It’s always a good time
That polished mahogany, gin and cigars
Yeah, come on in

Hey, you, am I getting through?
There’s one more silver lining for the weekend
Hey, you, am I getting through?
The candles in your eyes still burn

The next time I see you at Sophia’s place
We’ll fall right back in line
We’ll tilt up your glass and we’ll meet us some beer
Come on then and be a good friend
Hey you, do you see?
There’s one more silver lining
So come on then and be a good friend
Hey you, am I getting through?
You’re shining now as a crater in the moonlight

Every bone in my body
Rubbed at one time or two
Every hour of the wrong day
Try to spend it with you
Every year that I’m living
Try to stick by its side
The sun goes down
The moon comes up
The sky is black and blue
Me I stand running with you


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