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Rose Funeral - Sodomizer

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Текст песниKill!
Carving your skin, removing traces of flesh.
Ripping through your guts, the knife comes back again.
Shattered faces longing for the end.
Don't waste your breath,
The torturing begins.

Hell awaits you, the darkness greets you.
The dimmest light you've ever seen. They're opening their gates.
Awake to find you're losing tons of blood.
The shock that brings you to your demise.

Longing for the taste of blood.
I'll seek, I'll kill, and waste a human form.

Running. Your legs are getting heavy.
You're losing tons of blood.
The shock that brings you to your demise.
Overwhelmed with pain, fight to live or rot in hell.

As the bodies are wrapped in dust,
The skull is crushed,
The bones will rust.

Slicing you apart.


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