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Gamma Ray - 18 Years

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Текст песниAre you still satisfied with the situation
That you've had for many years now?
Time is movin' on your childhood it's gone
But you don't realize that the game isn't won
Blind you think that you're safe at home
But the fall is near if you carry on

18 years of freedom - where have they gone?
Try to understand - you must search to take and give
Before you're old - you must learn to live your life before you're old

Break out the change is drawing near
Decisions to stop, to think and stare
Solutions my thoughts are getting clear,
I'm leaving and I no longer care

Spread my wings and fly among the clouds
I feel so free, I left the world behind
Now I know what I have missed
I'll never give it back, my life's just begun

Throw it all away, I'm never gonna be the same again
(repeat 4 times)
Throw it all away, throw it all away
I'm not gonna be the same again


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